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Type article: Figurines pré-peintes

Boite contenant 5 figurines de dragons D&D

black dragon 
blue dragon
green dragon
red dragon
white dragon


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In the Dungeons & Dragons world, no other creatures are as awesome and terrifying as dragons. Majestic to behold and formidable in combat, dragons lay waste to their enemies with deadly breath weapons of acid, lightning, poison, fire and ice. Each conquest adds more treasure to their ever-growing hoards, which they guard with their lives. Few who challenge a dragon in its lair live to tell the tale!


Inside this limited-edition box set, you will find five varieties of dragon, each one a deadly match for an experienced band of adventurers.


Each box contains five non-random, pre-painted, durable plastic miniatures for use in the Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game: a black dragon, a blue dragon, a green dragon, a red dragon, and a white dragon. Two of the dragons are new sculpts that have never appeared in any previous D&D® miniatures product.

The set also contains full-color Dungeon Delve stat cards that contain game stats for each of these terrifying creatures.