Dreamblade : Anvilborn

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Type article: Figurines pré-peintes

Beware the Machines
The advanced machines of the 21st century have given rise to dream creatures in machine form, devoid of emotion, driven by unfeeling algorithms. For a thousand years, the mills, engines, and vehicles of humanity had been mindless servants to their creators. But in the alchemy of a millennium’s dreams, mindless servants became living monsters. Humans’ dreams of living machines in turn guided waking human minds to create the computers, robots, drones, and artificial intelligences of 2012. These advanced machines have projected their own artificial souls into humanity’s dreamscape. The resulting creatures are known as the Anvilborn, unfeeling monsters that even dream lords can control only partially. The dream lords that successfully master these new denizens of the dreamscape will dominate those who fail.

Anvilborn Booster Pack
Add powerful new creatures to your warband. Use new abilities such as Shackle and Bloody Glory to transform your creatures. Explore the no-aspect machines of the Anvilborn.


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