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Type article: Wargames

Restocking the same old game is too “risky”. Attack! sets the new standard for games of world conquest. Attack! raises the bar on quality for graphics, miniatures, and simple, but elegant gameplay. 40 years was too long to wait. Place your order for Attack! now.

• Hundreds of professionally sculpted miniatures
(Tanks, Planes, Artillery, and Infantry)
•Exciting World War 2 theme
•Easy to learn rules; Deep gameplay
•Expandable system
•2-4 players
•Dazzling artwork by world-renowned
artist Paul E. Niemeyer

ATTACK! Expansion
This expansion pack takes the Attack! system to a new level of detail. Other strategy games become predictable after a few playings. But the Attack! system was created to allow players to graduate to the next level.
The Attack Expansion offers MORE!
MORE… Miniatures
MORE… Players (2-6 players)
MORE… Detailed Rules (Economic, political, tactical, diplomatic, strategic)
MORE… Amazing artwork by Paul E. Niemeyer
MORE… Gameboard (expansion gameboard with Asia and the Pacific can be added on to
the original to allow players to create a giant map of the world 24” x 60”)
MORE… Fun!

Plus d’informations

Nombre de joueurs: 2 à 6 joueurs
Âge: 10 ans et plus
Durée: 3-6 heures
Editeur: Eagle games
Date de Sortie: Février 2007