Zombie Town

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Type article: Jeux de plateau
The dead are rising from the graveyard which is conveniently located in the middle of your residential neighborhood. There is no way out of the neighborhood, so you must scrounge as much stuff (weapons, barricades, survivors, etc.) from your neighbors to survive until help arrives. The game lasts for 10 days, and by the 10th day the neighborhood is filled with zombies to say the least and your neighbors are no longer your friends.


The board This image of the board is not to scale. Zombies start expanding outwards from the center while players try to survive in the homes surrounding the area.
Pawns The player pawns are a new sculpt for this game.
The Zombies The zombies are also a new sculpt.
A barricade This is a barricade card which can be used to keep your home safe from intruders (both zombies and other players).
Combat Card A combat