Star Wars RPG : Scavenger’s guide to droids

UGS : Star Wars RPG : Scavenger's guide to droids
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« This book leads off with a discussion about droids in the galaxy, a list of manufacturers and then details on individual droid models, » says author Sterling Hershey.


« There are additional rules and equipment for use in the roleplaying game, and our book expands how players may create and play droids specifically in Saga Edition. It contains more uncommon droids, from stories ranging from the new Clone Wars series, comics, novel lines like the Legacy of the Force, and at least one Newsnet entry. We also had the opportunity to create several brand new droids and their back-stories, and it’s always fun to get a chance to add to the Star Wars universe directly. »



The book provides all the game mechanics and rules players and gamemasters would want to create fully detailed droid characters for the roleplaying game. Step-by-step instructions guide users in selecting a droid’s chassis, abilities, quirks and finishing touches. This includes an assortment of new feats and talents for customizing your droid, as well as equipment and weapons.